Making Accessible Books Team

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Making Accessible Media Team

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Faculty of Media & Creative Arts

Project Lead: Anne Zbitnew

Project Manager: Jennie Grimard

Production Manager: Lucien Stephan

Graphic Designer: Jennie Grimard

Image Editor and Illustrator: Rachel Asevicius


Film Lead: Sheyfali Saujani

Film Team: Diana Bahirian and Yhasmina Garcia

Film Assistants: Innis Papagiannis, Rachel Sahota, and Jaskanwar Singh

Content Creators: Anne Zbitnew, Hannah Zbitnew


Content Advisors:
CNIB/Beyond Print, Nick Hilton, Cassie Smyth


Additional Contributors:
Andrew Belanger, Emily Donaldson, Fran Odette, Cayley Pimentel, Craig Small, Toronto Sign Language Interpreter Service Media, Audrey Vandendriesschen, David Widmann, Emily Willan, Nathan Whitlock, Allen Zuk