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Oral Storytelling

In A Little Devil in America: Notes in the Praise of Black Performance,Hanif Abdurraqib recounts how Blackness has been enacted through stories on stage, screen, and in history.

An interview with Hanif Abdurraqib about the history of Black performance.

PBS: Coded Spirituals: Many of the African American Spirituals that were popular in the United States during the mid-1800s are more complex than they first appear. Historians of the Underground Railroad refer to them as Coded Spirituals with two meanings; one that is immediately apparent and one that is hidden in code.

Making Connections: The Power of Oral Storytelling: Trent Hohaia discusses oral storytelling in the face of increasing human isolation in the social media age, using traditional Māori learning methods.

Our Voices, Our Stories: First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Stories: A digital media archive of Indigenous stories, presented by Library and Archives Canada.

Revealing Indigenous Histories through Oral Interviews: Dr. Sarah Nickel discusses the challenges of incorporating Indigenous oral history without marginalizing Indigenous voices.

Anishinaabe comedian Ryan McMahon's 12-step guide to ‘decolonizing’ Canada as originally broadcast on CBC Radio.

Typotheque November Syllabics is a typeface family that accommodates the typographic preferences and orthographic requirements of all Indigenous communities in North America that use Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics, thus supporting Indigenous language revitalization and preservation in Canada and the United States.

Kevin King is a Canadian designer, researcher, and an expert on Indigenous languages and writing systems. In this essay, King details nuances found in preferences within local communities.

History of books

SF Book Reviews: The evolution of the book in a timeline.

Google Arts and Culture: A brief history of books.

A short animation about the history of books by Olympia Publishing.

Oral histories

Carleton University's Disability Research Group launched Oral histories of activists in the disability rights movement between 1970 and 2020, a collection of stories of disability rights activists.

Canadian Oral History is a blog dedicated to Canadian Oral History Organizations.

How to Do Oral History from the Smithsonian Institution Archives includes a How to Do Oral History downloadable guide.